Chesapeake Meetings

When: June 12-14, 2018
Where: Annapolis, MD

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Event Description

The theme of the 2018 symposium is Advancing observational and modeling research to support Chesapeake Bay management and restoration. The Scope and Aims of the symposium are as follows:

The Chesapeake Community Modeling Program (CCMP) seeks to improve observational and modeling tools and related resources specific to the Chesapeake Bay, its watershed, and connected environmental systems by fostering collaborative open source research. Toward this end, the CCMP is convening the sixth biennial Chesapeake Community Research and Modeling Symposium as a venue to identify and showcase existing observational and modeling research efforts as well as communicate how data and models are used as decision support tools.

Observations and models are used extensively to guide management efforts in Chesapeake Bay. These include measurements and simulations of the airshed, watershed and estuary and also measurements and simulations of living resource components such as submerged aquatic vegetation, oysters and fish. The measurements are critical for model validation and the models provide a means to provide predictions and set total maximum daily load (TMDL) targets. Basic research is also critical for advancing the mechanistic understanding upon which model development is based.

Although Chesapeake Bay is, arguably, the most extensively observed and model body of water in the world, many challenges remain. These include the need for higher temporal resolution measurements and higher spatial resolution models, and better mechanistic understanding and models of physical, biological and chemical processes in the airshed, watershed and estuary. More flexible sampling and modeling approaches are also needed for resolving management impacts on living resources and particularly higher trophic levels. Linking these observations and models to human impacts and socio-economic systems also needs to be addressed.

By bringing together managers, scientists, and stakeholders for a series of plenary talks, panel discussions, and special sessions, the 2018 Chesapeake Community Research and Modeling Symposium will highlight recent progress, challenges and prospects for research, monitoring and modeling efforts that are used to guide management and restoration efforts in Chesapeake Bay.


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Includes: Keynote, plenaries, panel discussion, special sessions

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173 Jennifer Rd, Annapolis, MD 21401

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Crowne Plaza Hotel

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