Poster Session

Session Date: June 1st 2016

Session Time: 6:00

Session Lead: Raleigh Hood

Session Co-Lead(s):

Session Abstract:



Time Title
6:00 The seasonal algal bloom in Back River and the role of pH, temperature in regulating internal phosphorus and ammonium loading - Zhengui Wang - Virginia Institute of Marine Science
6:00 Radioisotopic tracers within a sediment transport model: exploration of test cases - Courtney Harris - Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
6:00 Project Overview: Impacts of Climate Change on the Phenology of Linked Agriculture-Water Systems - William Ball - Johns Hopkins University, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Engineering
6:00 A Model of oyster reef nitrogen cycling - Kevin Kahover - UMCES Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
6:00 Quantifying Carbon Fluxes at the Marsh-Estuarine Interface - Amanda Knobloch - Virginia Institute of Marine Science
6:00 Lower Susquehanna River Reservoir System Bathymetry and Geotechnical Analysis - Gary Lemay - Gomez and Sullivan Engineers
6:00 Impacts of direct atmospheric deposition of nitrogen on Chesapeake Bay hypoxia - Fei Da - VIMS
6:00 Inclusion of Surface Gravity Waves in Vertical Mixing Parameterizations with Application to Chesapeake Bay, USA - Alexander Fisher - UMCES Horn Point Laboratory
6:00 Modeling Primary Production and Chlorophyll Variability in Chesapeake Bay - Hao Wang - University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Laboratory
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